Bologna - ITALY, 1953 - 1955

This Manufactory, active for just two years, was founded by sculptor Quinto Ghermandi, when he reached his first achievements as a sculptor, after his long wartime imprisonment. Beside him in this endeavour: Carlo Negri (a ceramicist from the Porta Romana Institute in Florence, winner of the Premio Faenza in 1955, together with Guerrino Tramonti) and Maria Luisa Merini, who, after the Bolognese workshop was closed, was employed in a brick and garden decor company in Cesena. Other cooperators include Ciro Boschi (already active in the Gatti workshop in Faenza and in Faventia Ars), Luigi Bedronici (cooperator of Anselmo Bucci’s and future kiln-master of the State Institute for Ceramic Art in Faenza) and Alfonso Piancastelli. The Manufactory realized unique pieces and attracted artists such as Pirro Cuniberti.