Faenza, 1934 - Cervia, 2003 ITALY

Giacomo Onestini studied at the Ceramics Art Institute in Faenza, where Angelo Biancini was his modelling professor. He initially cooperated with some factories in San Marino, Salerno and Miramare di Rimini and dedicated himself to the teaching profession in Turin and other parts of Italy. In 1963 he started his own workshop in Milano Marittima, attempting a “seaside ceramic” way: the target was, therefore, the richest and most cultivated clientele coming to the Riviera during the Summer season. Without surrendering to folklore or banal craftwork, Onestini realized sophisticated and unique pieces, defined by a research in glaze (lustre included) and simple, refined forms (often in stoneware), with almost far-East patterns. The success encountered in his peaceful and well-calculated production took him to new original decorative and sculpting experimentations, in order to introduce some elements with mechanistic and futuristic patterns.