Alberto Masetti was born in Bologna in the 1950s. He was raised in a family of art lovers, where he developed a curiosity and learnt to appreciate the beauty of the objects belonging to the family. He entered the fashion industry in Bologna, opening 3 renowned clothing and shoe shops in the very town centre: cashmere, English shoes, refined leather goods, in the beautiful frame of antique decor and paintings and marvelous Venetian mirrors.
The 20th century is the period he is most passionate about: the most interesting in terms of discoveries, artists, genius, creativity, cross-search for beauty, but above all, defined by the unbeatable soundtracks of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
His contemporary collections feature mainly 20th century majolica vases by famous Italian artists and ceramic artists from Faenza, but also extend to vintage cars: in fact, he participates in international competitions with Mercedes and Porsche models. In addition, he is a collector of 1960s wrist watches and Murano glass vases, ranging from Venini’s to Barovier’s.
The wide heritage of experiences, the commitment to aesthetics, artworks and history have gradually turned into a desire for Alberto to share this beauty through an itinerant exhibition. As a matter of fact beauty, in the many ways it is created and communicated, claims a universal validity which has the power to draw people and cultures closer.